Emergency Lighting Control Panels

A wide range of group battery control panels with 230V supply voltage is available for small to medium-sized installations. The systems can be operated in mixed mode - standby light, continuous light and switched continuous light - without an additional data line. The pre-configured central units have up to 16 end circuits and can be extended to up to 128 end circuits.

Safety luminaires with single battery supply can be monitored and tested using the compact single battery control center. The luminaires can be connected via a bus line, via a wireless connection with a "mesh" network or using hybrid technology.

For the medium and larger, almost unlimited power range, Labor Strauss offers solutions and an extensive product portfolio for central battery systems in state-of-the-art technology. In addition to the advantage of central battery accommodation, they offer full compatibility with group battery systems. The central power supply systems are available with up to 128 end circuits and battery capacities of up to 260Ah.


    • Emergency lighting and safety lighting 10. November 2021 | .pdf
    • Single Battery Control System INC Wireless 05. May 2021 | .pdf

Data sheets

    • Group Battery Control Panel - INC2-230-500M 29. February 2024 | .pdf
    • Group Battery Control Panel INC-230-500M-8 29. February 2024 | .pdf
    • Group Battery Control Panel INC-230-500S-8 29. February 2024 | .pdf
    • Group Battery Control Panel INC-230-500S 29. February 2024 | .pdf
    • Monitoring center for self-contained luminaires INC-EB500-SWX 29. February 2024 | .pdf
    • Wireless Repeater SWX INC-RP-SWX 29. February 2024 | .pdf