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Smoke switches of the Labor Strauss Group certified for the German market

Smoke Switch RS70

Smoke Switch RS70

The certification of the Smoke Switch RS70 by the Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) once again underscores the quality and reliability of the fire protection solutions of the Labor Strauss Group (LST). Even in environments where fire detection systems are not mandatory, the latest generation smoke switch ensures the necessary safety.

„We are very glad about the certification of our Smoke Switch RS70 by the Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik and see it as further confirmation of our know-how in the area of fire protection," emphasised Martin Bauer, Product Manager for fire alarm technology at LST. Behind the innovative smoke switch there is a simple but nevertheless very efficient solution to prevent the spread of fire and smoke. Especially for smaller business enterprises, commercial companies or restaurants, for which regular fire detection systems are not stipulated, the Smoke Switch RS70 is an optimum approach to proactive fire protection at limited costs.

In combination with usually two to fife conventional detectors, the smoke switch of the Labor Strauss Group ensures that the intended fire areas will be closed. During opening and business hours, the door that forms a fire area is held open by means of a fire control. If one of the conventional detectors activates an alarm, the current supply to the fire control will be interrupted and the door will close automatically. For alarming purposes, a sounder or strobe can be connected. Of course, the door can also be closed manually by means of a key on the Smoke Switch RS70.

In addition, various auxiliary functions, such as delayed closing of the door, can be used through the control inputs. This is important, for example, for keeping escape paths clear for persons with limited mobility. The closing of the door can be delayed by up to 75 seconds. LST also offers an optional lithium-ion stand-by battery by means of which a mains failure can be bridged for up to four hours. During development, LST has turned its attention not only to the extensive functionality, but also to a modern design, so that the smoke switch fits in optimally with the environment.

Planning, installation and commissioning of the Smoke Switch RS70 requires very little time. Therefore it is also possible to quickly update existing systems to the state-of-the-art.