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New Laser Smoke Detector 72051EI

[English] Laser-Rauchmelder 72051EI

[English] Laser-Rauchmelder 72051EI

The Laser Smoke Detector 72051EI contains an optical sensing chamber that is based on the principle of scattered light. By using a laser diode as light source, an extremely high response sensitivity of up to 100 times the value of a common smoke detector is achieved.

Since the detector also reacts to invisible smoke aerosols, a fire can already be detected at an early stage. Therefore the detector is particularly well suited for early fire detection and allows early fire fighting measures to be carried out.

Furthermore, thanks to the special characteristics of the sensing chamber, the detector is very insensitive to contamination, and therefore it can also be used in areas with heavier dust development.

The Laser Smoke Detector 72051EI is intended for the loop communication using the System Sensor/200-Advanced protocol and has an address range of 1 to 159. If a short circuit occurs on the loop line, the integrated dual-isolator will disconnect the loop.

Thanks to the high response sensitivity, the laser smoke detector is suitable for a huge number of applications in critical areas, such as

  • computer centres or telecommunication facilities,
  • clean rooms for semiconductor manufacturing or pharmaceutical production,
  • operating rooms in hospitals,
  • smoke aspiration systems.