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New head of LST's export department

Director International Sales: Gernot Pfannhauser

LST's Director International Sales: Gernot Pfannhauser

Gernot Pfannhauser, MBA recently became the new head of the export department of Labor Strauss Sicherungsanlagenbau (LST), one of the leading Austrian suppliers and worldwide exporter in the field of fire protection, extinguishing systems and danger detection technology.

By creating the new position „Director International Sales“, the old-established company wishes to continue the strategic expansion of the export business. The percentage of products that are manufactured in the company's plants in Austria and Germany, and that are exported globally, already amounts to 70% of the volume of sales. Gernot Pfannhauser, who is assisted by a highly motivated five-member export team, said „Our aim is to react even faster to the changes in the market, and to deal with the customers' needs in the respective target markets in Europe, in the Arab area, in Asia and in Africa even more specifically“.