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Self-aligning beam smoke detector Fireray One

To complement our product line "beam smoke detectors," we have added another beam smoke detector to our range. It is characterised in particular by easiest commissioning and, during regular operation, by automatic tracking and immunity to interference.

The Fireray One is a beam smoke detector in an unobtrusive yet beautiful housing that blends into the building structure. The device is based on the reflection principle and allows a detection distance of up to 50 m. With a reflector add-on kit, the range can be extended up to 120 m. The new beam smoke detector offers many advantages:

  • Easy mounting: The device can be installed by a single person. No special tool or accessory is needed.
  • Automatic adjustment: By means of the visible laser beam, the detector is coarsely aligned with the reflector. After a press of a button, the motorised commissioning is carried out automatically.
  • Beam tracking: During operation, the detector beam is automatically tracked to compensate for building settlement and thermal or other building movements. This helps to avoid false activations.
  • Insensitive to interference from other optical detectors: Thanks to a technology called "Dynamic Beam Phasing," interference from other light beam detectors can be avoided. The detectors can even be mounted opposite each other and can be aligned with a reflector in the middle of the room without interfering with each other.
  • Insensitive to interference caused by the environment: The detector compensates for interference which could be caused by strong natural or artificial light, by reflections or by dust gradually settling on the reflector or on the exit windows.