The protection of people and property as a goal

Donation to the association "Mission Hoffnung – Kinderkrebs Sozialhilfe"

Year after year, the Labor Strauss Group does a lot for people who need help. This year, LST supports the "Mission Hoffnung – Kinderkrebs Sozialhilfe" with a cash donation. The association supports families with children suffering from cancer by paying for aids and therapies.

Despite advances in medicine, cancer is still life-threatening. The diagnosis not only means a shock for every family, but also puts an enormous strain on the lives of all family members for many years to come. Parents spend many hours with their sick child in clinics and outpatient departments. Often one parent has to give up his or her job to be able to be there for the sick child. The financial losses are significant and can become a further threat.

Regular visits to the clinic, necessary modifications to the home, increased costs for food and clothing due to special hygiene regulations, heartfelt wishes of the sick child that one wants to fulfil, the costs of sibling care, psychological care, loans taken out before the illness for the new home that must be serviced. The list is virtually endless!

To ensure that the financial resources reach where they are needed, children and their families are only supported directly. There are no money transfers to families of needy children, but the association pays bills or vouchers. An independent committee decides on the allocation of donations. Furthermore, all members work on a voluntary basis.