The protection of people and property as a goal

New wireless fire detection system FI750/RF

With the Series FI720/RF, the automatic detectors were adapted to the design of the Series FI750 loop detectors. In many systems the fire detectors, modules and signalling devices of these series have been used successfully for a long time. Now the whole wireless fire detection system has been redesigned and unique features have been added to it.

The numerous advantages of the new wireless fire detection system FI750/RF are summarised below:

  • Optical sensing chamber: thanks to the well-tried design of the sensing chamber of the optical and optical-thermal detector, the immunity to deceptive alarms is very high. The fine-meshed screen minimises the number of insects that can reach the chamber.
  • New radio technology with particularly reliable data transmission: The separation of network channels and field channels achieves a distribution of the data traffic and thus reduces the utilisation of the individual transmission channels.
  • Double path redundancy: in the event of a failure of an expander, automatic switching to an alternative transmission path via other expanders occurs. Therefore the failure is limited to this expander and the wireless elements that are linked to it. All other elements are still in operation.
  • New configuration software: the PC software TauREX allows quick and intuitive configuration of the RF system.
  • Quick scan of the device type: with the new QR code, the parameterisation and commissioning can be carried out especially conveniently and quickly, and errors can be avoided.
  • RF gateway and expander: the parameterisation and commissioning can be carried out through a USB interface, or wirelessly by means of the RF dongle. Simple programming steps and operations can also be carried out without a PC, by means of the display and operating buttons inside the device.
  • All wireless elements have a CPR certificate according to EN 54-25.