The protection of people and property as a goal

New Key Depot Series SD950 / New Key Depot Column Series SDS950

In order to fulfil the latest requirements of fire protection departments, MEP-Gefahrenmeldetechnik GmbH, a subsidiary of the Labor Strauss Group, has developed the Key Depot SD950. Although the external dimensions have not been changed, the key depot has noticeably more room inside; in addition it also scores, among other things, with LED interior lighting and cleverly positioned status displays.

The new Fire Brigade Key Depot SD950 of MEP-Gefahrenmeldetechnik GmbH makes the quick and non-violent withdrawal of the theft-proof and copy-protected building keys in the event of fire an uncomplicated matter, because the new generation of MEP key depots offers, in addition to LED interior lighting for orientation, more room than its predecessor with the same external dimensions. It can accommodate up to six monitored building keys, depending on the version. MEP's developers have elegantly integrated a status display into the knob of the outer door, which is not visible in the normal condition and which blinks yellow when the outer door is unlocked or blinks red to indicate sabotage. The solid housing in brushed V2A stainless steel design also impresses, because with a visually pleasing construction with a permanently welded, integrated trim frame and an outer door that is protected against and monitored for drilling, it can withstand any sabotage attempt both mechanically and electrically.

"Thanks to the close cooperation with the fire brigades, we know the requirements in the event of an operation," explains Dipl.-Wirtschaftsing. (FH) Wolf-Dietrich Marschall, sales manager of MEP-Gefahrenmeldetechnik GmbH. The solid design and intelligent construction was also recognised at the FeuerTrutz Award: "We are pleased that in the readers' choice for the product of the year 2022, the MEP Fire Brigade Key Depot SD950 was included in the short list in the area "fire protection systems"" says Wolf-Dietrich Marschall.