The protection of people and property as a goal

Linear heat detection system ProReact EN

The linear heat detection system ProReact EN allows cost-effective fire detection through temperature monitoring in spacious or very long fire areas. The system is extremely well suited for room monitoring in tunnels, garages and warehouses, as well as for monitoring cable runs, conveyor belts and similar installations.

The system consists of the control unit A1388, the sensor cable and the end of line unit A1470. Through continuous monitoring, a rise in temperature at any point of the sensor cable can be detected. In addition, the cable is monitored for wire breakage and short circuit. The sensor cable can be extended by means of the junction box A1471. The length of the sensor cable can be up to 500 metres per control unit.

In the control unit, the pre-alarm and alarm threshold can be set through the menu. Dry changeover contacts are available for the transmission of pre-alarm and alarm. A fault will be forwarded via an opto-coupled output. The parameterisation is carried out either directly through the operating field of the control unit or by means of a PC and a freely available programming software. Furthermore the control unit comes with a test componentry by means of which the alarm and fault condition can be simulated easily, and therefore the connection to the fire detection control panel can be tested.