The protection of people and property as a goal

General renovation of the Tyrolean cultural monument "Canisianum Innsbruck"

The Collegium Canisianum, built in 1910 and 1911 as a theological seminary, is one of Tyrol's cultural monuments. It is primarily used for the postgraduate academic specialisation and further education of priests and students and houses a dormitory. In 2020, the general renovation was decided and went into implementation in 2021.

The integration of modern building structures into a historic building with listed building fabric is a challenge in itself, but it was all the more difficult to bring the entire structure under full protection by means of modern emergency lighting and fire protection systems. Under the project management of Daniel Burger, the Innsbruck branch of Labor Strauss was not only able to win the tender, but also managed the implementation in 2022 within only nine months. The special challenge – in addition to the short time span for installation – was also meeting the requirements for the protection of historical monuments. As a fire protection specialist for historic buildings, LST used a combination of conventional cable installation and wireless solution.

1000 fire detectors and 300 light points for emergency lighting
A total of 1000 fire detectors and 300 light points for emergency lighting were installed in the neo-Romanesque style building. Two fire detection control panels are networked together and there are two fire brigade attack points each, which are connected to the fire brigade via two criteria and function bidirectionally with the fire alarms. Five networked emergency lighting control panels ensure safe evacuation in case of fire, and remote access via the REACT APP was also implemented. Daniel Burger: "The clear advantage is that all protective measures are a single system and can therefore communicate with each other without any problems."

Installation, service and maintenance from a single source
"The clear added value for the customer in working with LST is that only one company is responsible for planning, installation and maintenance, making it efficient in terms of handling. The maintenance of the system, which is required annually, is carried out by LST. The person who installs a system should also maintain it – he or she simply knows it best. LST guarantees the best service and fast response when it matters," says Daniel Burger.

LST is a fire protection specialist for historic buildings
The Canisianum is not the first historic building for which LST is responsible for fire protection. LST has been looking after various historical monuments for 30 years and knows first-hand the specific challenges of fire protection in historical buildings. Among LST's references are the Vienna City Hall and the Natural History Museum in Vienna, the Benedictine Abbey of Admont in Styria, the Museo del Prado in Madrid and the Parliament in Budapest. In the case of historic buildings, all parties involved must show a high degree of willingness to compromise and try to reconcile the requirements of monument protection and fire protection.