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Beam Smoke Detectors Series OSID

Again the product range of the Labor Strauss Group is expanded. We have added two further detectors to our product line "beam smoke detectors": the types OSI-RE-SS and OSI-RIE-00 from the Series OSID.

The Beam Smoke Detectors Series OSID – the models OSI-RE-SS and OSI-RIE-00 – work with an optical light beam and a reflector. The combined transmitter/receiver unit is accommodated in the housing. The transmitter emits an infrared beam towards the prism reflector. The reflected signal is analysed by means of a high speed image sensor and the attenuation is evaluated.

The following features of the detectors are remarkable:

  • Exact analysis and alarm evaluation through CMOS image sensor
  • Detection of clear and dark smoke
  • Range of 5 to 100 m
  • Detector can be intuitively and easily aligned by means of a movable "eyeball"
  • Built-in heater.