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New Apollo Detectors and Modules Series Soteria

Apollo Series Soteria

Apollo Series Soteria

The Detector Series Soteria comprises three high-quality automatic fire detectors, which set new standards in fire alarm technology. During the development of the detectors, the many advantages of the Detector Series XP95 and Discovery have been considered and numerous technical innovations have been included. The detectors combine state-of-the-art technologies, an appealing, timeless design as well as an extra flat housing.

The most important innovations and features of the Series Soteria are:

  • New optical sensing chamber: the new „PureLight“ technology ensures that smoke can be safely distinguished from noise variables, and that smoke is optimally detected with different types of fire. The fine-meshed screen makes it more difficult for dust and insects to reach the chamber. As a result, the detectors offer high immunity to false alarms and deceptive alarms.
  • Electrical compatibility: the detectors Series Soteria can be connected to a Fire Detection Control Panel Series BC600 or BC216 via the loop. The proven Apollo protocol is used as loop protocol. Therefore, loop components Series Soteria, Series Discovery and Series XP95 can be used on the same loop.
  • Isolator: The automatic detectors Series Soteria are available with and without dual loop isolator. Thanks to the isolator, all loop elements outside of the faulty section remain fully functional in the event of a short-circuit.
  • Status LED: the multicoloured LED is visible from all directions and indicates the different operating conditions of the detector.
  • New detector base: the Detector Base SA5000-200 is downward compatible with the Series Discovery and XP95. Thanks to the new code cards for the address range 1 – 254, the bases are also prepared for future expansions.

The new input and output modules Series Soteria replace the Series XP95 modules. The most important characteristics of the modules are:

  • Two different designs: the most important modules are available in two different housing versions – in the plastic housing for surface mounting (similar to the XP95 modules) and in the compact case for DIN rail mounting.
  • Compatibility: for the majority of the XP95 modules, a successor is available. Since the new modules are downward compatible, mixed operation of Series XP95 modules and Series Soteria modules on one loop is possible. Therefore, older modules can be replaced and a loop can be expanded without problems.

The Series Soteria modules are available without limitation and have been tested as required by the Construction Products Regulation CPR, according to EN 54, and have been certified by VdS and LPCB.