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Extinguishing Control Panels Series BC600/LC600 – complete product family and current documentation

Extinguishing Control Panels Series BC600/LC600

The modular Extinguishing Control Panels Series BC600/LC600 are extensively upgraded Fire Detection Control Panels Series BC600 with a huge number of additional functions for controlling extinguishing systems. They meet all mandatory requirements as well as all options of EN 12094-1 and have been certified by VdS for numerous extinguishing agents. The product family has already been launched in 2019 and is fully available. Extensive documentation on installation, parameterisation and operation is available for the installer and for the user of the system.

The Series BC600/LC600 comprises various types of control panels, which differ, among other
things, in terms of housing version and expandability.

The compact Fire/Extinguishing Control Panels BC600-1L/LTF and BC600-1D are intended for the actuation and monitoring of one flooding zone according to EN 12094-1. Since the vast majority of extinguishing systems are single-zone systems, this control panel version is ideally suited for this application.
The control panel also allows connection of existing conventional detectors from various manufacturers.

The main advantages at a glance:

  • The compact control panels have an integrated loop interface for the connection of automatic fire detectors, manual call points, sounders or modules. Therefore they can also be used immediately without installing any further components. Thanks to the selectable loop protocol, the control panels can be optimally adapted to the customer wishes and requirements.
  • The mounting position allows the installation of an additional function module, for example the Input/Output Interface MEA644-1 with four conventional lines and four monitored 24V outputs, which has been specially adapted to the requirements of extinguishing technology.
  • The control panels have been certified by VdS both as combined fire/extinguishing control panels and as pure extinguishing control panels. Therefore, if necessary, these control panels can also be connected to external fire detection control panels from any manufacturer.
  • The intuitive PC software PARSOFT allows especially quick and convenient parameterisation of common standard configurations. This makes commissioning especially convenient and time-saving. However, due to the high flexibility of all parameters, more complex extinguishing systems can also be implemented optimally.
  • Thanks to the compact design and the numerous functions that are already integrated in the basic version, the control panels are comparatively cost-effective.
  • The freely parameterisable LED button field that is integrated in the front of the control panel variant BC600-1L/LTF allows detailed event display and operation of the extinguishing system. Therefore it is not necessary to install an additional display and operating field.
  • With the help of the remote access APP REACT, the events of the extinguishing system can be displayed on a smartphone, tablet or PC in an especially clear way. The APP also allows remote operation of the extinguishing system. A high level of security protects the system from unauthorized access.

For mid-sized and large, extensive multiple-zone extinguishing systems, the modularly designed Fire Detection Control Panels Series BC600 can also be used as extinguishing control panel:

  • the Fire Detection Control Panels BC600-8 and BC600-CE8 for up to 32 flooding zones
  • the Fire Detection Control Panels BC600-16 for up to 64 flooding zones
  • the Control Panels BC600-E, which are constructed in a switch cabinet, for up to 128 flooding zones according to EN 12094-1.

All relevant function modules Series BC600 are available with integrated redundant processor if required. In this way, the failure safety required by the standards when actuating more than one flooding zone is achieved.

In addition, up to 127 control panels can be networked, if necessary. In the entire net600 network, up to 2048 flooding zones can be actuated and monitored and can be assigned to up to 128 extinguishing systems. In this way, the extinguishing control panels can be used even in the largest extinguishing systems in industry, archives, libraries or infrastructure facilities.

Documentation and training

Current user manuals are available for the Extinguishing Control Panel Series BC600/LC600, which cover operation, construction, installation, connection, commissioning and parameterisation. The user manuals provide both the user of the extinguishing system and the
installer with detailed and specific information.

The integrated online help of the Parameter Setup Software PARSOFT has also been expanded to include all specific windows, parameters and setup options for the extinguishing control panel. Detailed and context-sensitive information about the parameterisation is thus available to the installer at the press of a button.

The Labor Strauss Group offers specific training for the Extinguishing Control Panels Series BC600/LC600. As a result, the employees in charge are constantly informed about the latest developments in order to assess risks correctly and implement technical solutions in the best possible way.

Versions and certification

For small single-zone extinguishing systems, the compact Fire/Extinguishing Control Panel BC600-1L/LTF/EXT is ideally suited. It consists of the basic unit BC600-1L/LTF, in which the following components have already been installed at the factory:

  • one Relay Module RL608-1,
  • one Input/Output Interface MEA644-1 and
  • an options circuit with the licence LC600-1LB for the actuation and monitoring of one flooding zone.

All other extinguishing control panels are individually assembled and parameterised from the fire detection control panel that is suitable for the respective application and the required function modules Series BC600 as well as the extinguishing control panel licence for the required number of flooding zones.

The Extinguishing Control Panels Series BC600/LC600 have been tested and certified by VdS for gas extinguishing systems according to EN 12094-1, as well as for the various types of water extinguishing systems – for example sprinkler systems, pre-controlled dry alarm valve stations or foam extinguishing systems.

Thanks to extensive testing and approval, the control panels stand out in terms of both actuation and monitoring for various applications. This is especially true for the replacement of water-operated warning bells of a sprinkler system, for the monitoring of sprinkler systems, and for the flow detector testing that is controlled by the control panel.